After experiencing the nightmare of a semi collision, you may feel at a loss for how to move forward. The entire course of your future changed in an instant. Now, you are struggling to fit the pieces back together again.

At Hatfield Law Office, we understand what you're going through. David G. Hatfield is a lawyer who has focused his entire career on helping people with life-altering injuries. For more than three decades, Mr. Hatfield has guided injury victims and their loved ones through the tumultuous legal aftermath of tragedies such as this.

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Get Peace Of Mind Knowing What To Expect

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Overcoming Challenges To Build A Strong Case For You

Semitruck injury cases are often complicated. It can be difficult to get to the bottom of what happened. Likewise, determining legal responsibility is rarely a straightforward task.

Our attorney knows how to navigate the challenges of these cases. You can rely on us to protect your interests by:

  • Conducting a detailed investigation
  • Enlisting the help of accident reconstructionists and other experts, if appropriate
  • Gathering a strong foundation of evidence to support your claim
  • Fighting for maximum compensation, whether in settlement negotiations or in court

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